Most Popular Blind Date Movie List

Blind Dating Movies

It is often quite discernable for romantic movies to be predominated by a theme involving a love at first sight, dinner dates, and sometimes visiting the lover’s love nest. Nonetheless, it always catches the viewer’s attention when it comes to ecstatic and blissful love, regardless of the generation, the romantic movie is set in.

A theme involving random and sometimes mysteriously exciting blind dates may be something out of the ordinary. Blind date movies might be a fundamental element in building tension, love configuration, and of course, a revelation regarding the cinematic themes of romance and sometimes a hint of comedy.

If you’re not still convinced, here are the most popular blind date movies that you can binge on all over again so that you can enjoy the wonders and joyful disaster of a blind date.

The Brothers Solomon (2007)

This 2007 romance comedy is so bad and so good at the same time. Gaining some cult following, this movie sets of two brothers who swiftly find several blind dates in hopes of serving their father a grandchild before he dies.

Minnie and Moskowitz (1971)

If you haven’t encountered a random love affair between a museum curator and a law-abiding parking attendant, look no further. This 1971 romance film leaves viewers in awe with a few touches of laughs.

Blind Dating (2006)

Basically, it is a movie about a literal blind man looking for a proper relationship with an Indian woman. This 2006 blind date movie is a rollercoaster ride of possibilities due to unnerving plots and sequences.

A date for Mad Mary (2016)

This original blind date movie sets off with a newly pardoned woman who just got out of jail and attempted to seek numerous possibilities by dating numerous men before her friend’s wedding. It’s funny, it’s dainty, and sometimes, downright silly.

I’m with Lucy (2002)

A blind date movie about Lucy and her experiences with five amazing guys to find her Mr. Right: this 2002 movie is a classic rom-com film that will keep you right at the edge of your seats.

In Search of a Midnight Kiss (2007)

This cute and condescending blind date film is about a troubled guy who was convinced to post a personal dating ad searching for a woman who might be his romantic midnight love. It’s a phenomenal journey of love and romance set out in a suburban footing.

Haru (1996)

Haru is a 1996 classic romance film about two dissonant individuals who have met online through e-mails. Tension arises when the two decide to meet in person. It is a romantic Japanese film that encompasses a method of seeking a romantic relationship online.


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Finding a lovable and unforgettable movie is such a rare gem. Not to mention a movie about blind dates and such. Looking for the best or maybe a considerable flick about blind dates may help users in finding their unexpected true love by analyzing and watching the potential aspect of this kind of genre in movies.

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