Love – The Mere-Letter Word Deciding A Lot About Happiness


Love isn’t merely a four-lettered word with a fixed definition to memorize. Rather it is a plethora of mixed feelings, emotions, attitudes, perceptions. Love is an extreme affection that arises out of equally strong personal or kinship ties. Everyone has a varied knowledge of love. Some perceive it as an attraction based on sexual desire. Some feel that it is a tender affection that one feels for their lover, while some feel it is a warm attachment, devotion, or enthusiasm. Dating is an outcome of love between two persons feeling it for each other. To date, someone is to meet them and bond with them to establish a committed romantic relationship with them. 

Love - The Mere-Letter Word Deciding A Lot About Happiness
Love – The Mere-Letter Word Deciding A Lot About Happiness

Healthy Relationship And Love

A healthy relationship is, in turn, an outcome of love and dating. Although people tend to have varied sorts of relationships with each other, yet it is essential to have a healthy one with the person they love romantically. A healthy relationship is built on some of the following aspects. Without them, the relationship tends to face a lot of hardships and, eventually, an unfortunate end. 

To maintain a healthy relationship, you have to be consistent with everything. Starting from being loyal to fighting the differences throughout, you have to be in love with your partner.

More Tips On Dating

Make sure that you’re keeping things in perspective: Having a relationship shouldn’t be your top-notch concern. When you find just the right person, a healthy relationship ought to follow the dating. Also, finding the right person becomes more comfortable when one stays true to themselves and is willing to make an effort and space for someone special in their life.

Try building a genuine connection: A genuine connection can only come through if one keeps everything real and slow from the very beginning. One should stay curious and attentive, which can be done by avoiding procrastinating when spending time with their lover.

Prioritize having fun and growing: Spending time with someone intimately makes you learn a lot of new things about them and life, in general. One should grasp all such things to learn as not only is the procession, but also contributes to the process of self-growth as well. A relationship, in its true essence, should help one grow to be the best version of themself. 

Love - The Mere-Letter Word Deciding A Lot About Happiness
Love – The Mere-Letter Word Deciding A Lot About Happiness

Be able to handle rejection gracefully: Being in a relationship does not always mean going on dates. It is about having a good time with your lover or other fancy and joyful situations. It also means that you should have the capacity to handle the other person and their wants. Sometimes, one has to be capable enough to handle rejection positively and gracefully without disrespecting their lover’s choice and space.


Life is not always a bed of flowers for everyone. Just like life, love and dating do not always promise to be all fun and games. Love and dating come with their share of cons. However, that does not mean that one should give up on finding love.