How Should One Prepare For A Speed-Dating Event

How Should One Prepare For A Speed-Dating Event

It is one of those many dating options in which a single can meet several prospective matches at a scheduled place and time, in an event scheduled for the purpose. It comprises several short conversational sessions with each potential match, which would last from a few to several minutes (depending on how well it goes for both the participants). The conversations are not exclusive to any particular topic. They may talk about anything they like and meanwhile, also decide how much they like or dislike the other person. After the session gets over, the participants express their interest, which could be in the form of rank. When it turns out two people have expressed a shared interest, there’s a match! They may then exchange contact numbers or go ahead and take the relationship forward if they want. Here is all about speed dating.

How Should One Prepare For A Speed-Dating Event
How Should One Prepare For A Speed-Dating Event

How To Get Ready For Speed Dating

First of all, one must keep in mind that this is something casual and so should not get panicky if it doesn’t work out. After all, this isn’t the end of the world. With a positive and optimistic attitude, there are certain things to be kept in mind-

Choose the right event according to priorities and preferences. Some games are tailored accordingly, such as professionals in a particular field, or according to age groups.

The information, which you can share with the other person, must be well prepared beforehand. Nobody would want to give away too much information on the first date and wouldn’t like too much coming from the other person. Some people find it very creepy. So, you should at least prepare a basic outline of the discussion.

Other Details To Know

Dress up appropriately and be on time. Always remember, the first impression is the last impression.

List down the traits that you are looking forward to in the other person. Prepare about it beforehand, so you don’t have to struggle in deciding the event.

Give honest answers. You would not want a prospective relationship to be built based on a lie, would you?

Respect the other person’s privacy and personal space. Try not to be too intrusive if the other person is not comfortable.

Do smile and try to maintain eye contact when you speak. Smiling sparks confidence.

End it on a good note. Speak politely, even if you are not happy with the other person. Also, it is essential to respect the time constraint of the event.

How Should One Prepare For A Speed-Dating Event
How Should One Prepare For A Speed-Dating Event


Speed-dating is quite a popular culture to find a date in today’s world. If it is your first time, it is natural to be a little anxious. It is also not necessary that you’ll meet “the one” at that very event. So it is crucial not to take the stress and go with the flow. If a session does not work out well, there will be plenty of other opportunities. So enjoy the sessions and, most importantly, be yourself!

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