After Reading These Dating Stories, You Will Probably Want To Erase Tinder

The Guy Who Lived For A Thrill

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Erinn, who was then in her final year of studies at the university, gives us her part of the story. According to her, there was this guy with whom she planned a night out together, but the date turned out to be the worst ever. She knew her date was living for a thrill when they went for food in a certain bagel shop.

As the waiter was working on their order, the guy un-fearfully went to the fridge and took a package of smoked salmon and hid it in his coat. That wasn’t very pleasant. For him, it was not enough; he also bragged at how he and his friends do the same all the time. The worst part of the night is that when they got to his house, there was no bed nor even a couch to sleep. He then gave Erinn a bag wedged between a treadmill and a toy box.

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