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network meetings are usually involved with getting an opportunity to talk to people from other businesses. networking meetings are very important since they help one meet with new business partners. However, it is very important that one has adequate knowledge on how to go about the meeting to ensure success. There are some do's and don'ts that should be adhered to so as to ensure that the objectives of the meeting are met.

Do Your Research

Nowadays, it is very easy to find background information of nearly any person. However, it is shocking to learn that there are very many people who attend network meetings prior to researching about the people they are to meet. Within a few minutes, it is possible to know about the place of birth of the person you are meeting, their educational background, age and hobbies. Knowing such information can be very resourceful during the meeting.

Ensure You Have an Agenda

Having a clear plan for the networking meeting will ensure that you meet your objectives. Many busy people would prefer that you go straight to the point rather than small talk. When asking questions, it would be preferable to stick to close-ended questions so as to get the desired information quickly.

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Have an Exit Strategy

One should always have a proper plan of ending the meeting. It is important to ensure that the conversation is not ended in a manner that may be considered rude by the other party. One may end by informing the other of what will be done as a follow up.

Do a Follow Up

After network meetings, there are very many people who do not bother to even send an email to appreciate the other party for taking their time to attend the meeting. Showing your appreciation by sending a thank you note is a simple form of courtesy that goes a long way. It is a good way to ensure that the person you meet remembers you several days after the meeting.

Don't Use Your Phone during the Meeting

Considering that we are in the information age, many people tend to use their phones, and check emails and text messages frequently. During networking meetings, one should ensure that they keep their phones away and avoid checking their emails or text messages. Answering phone calls or checking emails may be perceived as rude by the other party.

Don't Talk Too Much

Network meetings should be fruitful to both parties. If one party talks much more than the other, there will be no balance or flow. Therefore, it is important to avoid talking a lot and allow the other party to equally contribute to the conversation. This is important since it enables all parties to achieve their objectives by the end of the meeting.

Don't Use Business Cards

Business cards can be very effective. However, one should hold on to theirs until it becomes clear that sharing business cards is appropriate. It should not be assumed that others would gladly receive your business card.